Updated: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 4 Blogpoll: Pretty Colors

Nothing like a few displays of offensive firepower to really right the rankings. Lots of teams impressed the Trev with their domination, and a few more got kicked to the curb for showing their football mortality.

  1. Southern Cal
  2. LSU
  3. Oklahoma
  4. West Virginia
  5. Florida
  6. Texas
  7. Ohio State
  8. Oregon
  9. California
  10. Wisconsin
  11. South Carolina
  12. Clemson
  13. Alabama
  14. Penn State
  15. Virginia Tech
  16. Rutgers
  17. South Florida
  18. Georgia
  19. Louisville
  20. Boston College
  21. Texas A&M
  22. Hawaii
  23. Nebraska
  24. Kentucky
  25. Missouri
The breakdown:

The top 5: USC, LSU, Oklahoma, WfnVU, Florida-

Hear that in the distance? That is the diesel-powered hum of offensive chainsaws, whining in the cold, dark night. This group is hands-down the teams you DO NOT want to be playing anytime soon. USC and LSU are tearing through opponents with a kind of verve, yeah, you heard me, freaking VERVE, that is simply unmatched. Ask VTech or Nebraska how their expectations have been rocked as colse games on paper became prime-time depantsings. OU comes in 3rd with its ability to just plain roll, putting them above WVU on defensive merit. Florida could also be 3rd, and could be even higher very soon, if they humble the rest of the SEC like they humbled the Vols.

The next 5: Texas, Ohio State, Oregon, Cal, Wisconsin-
The enigma that are the Texas Longhorns gets banished to the next 5 for their lack of gravitas. Ohio State may be overranked here, on the count that they don't really play anyone until a couple of games in Big Ten country. Oregon and Cal are the only teams right now with a realistic shot at USC, and I place them firmly in the sandwich of taking Wisconsin's defense, but not Ohio State's....I don't have any empirical evidence to back this up other than the Buckeyes were "fast" enough to run with UW, so take it with a grain of salt.

The middle 10: South Carolina, Clemson, Alabama, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, USF, Georgia, Louisville, Boston College-
Attrition! Attrition! Everyone moves up just by holding serve! Let's hear it for UCLA (formerly of these rankings) and Louisville (humbled by UK) making room at the top for teams great and small! Most primed to take a fall, South Carolina, of course, but the visor is still up here making us feel smart until that point in which, you know, he doesn't. Alabama jumps up by taking on Arkansas, and I'd have them as at least a pick'em against PSU and VTech right now. The Dark Lord Saban commands me....they get credit for playing Not-Buffalo. USF gets a lofty high teen ranking for simply sitting home and eating cheeseburgers, not bad. Again, is it so wrong to believe they'd give UGA, UL, or BC a game? I'm ready to move BC higher as soon as I figure out which GTech team they beat.

The last 5: Texas A&M, Hawaii, Nebraska, Kentucky, Missouri-
I'm ready to move any of these teams into the creamy middle of the rankings as soon as there's another stumble, or they throw some more upsets/marquee wins. Example: Kentucky could move up simply by beating any SEC team in my book, and that includes Vandy. Hawaii/BYU or Boise, Missouri/Big 12 South, Nebraska/anyone I recognize....you get the idea. Welcome to the show, Wildcats.

The mysterious remains:
Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Tennessee, UCLA

It's an unidentifiable mass of "huh?" after these four teams. I know they can't be much worse than this, can they? UCLA and Tennessee need to rise up above their collapsing expectations and break a few hearts themselves. Arkansas? Same thing, but some people still have them penciled in as "Bestest 1-loss team evers!111!!!". Georgia Tech is not necessarily the best of these teams, but they are probably the most likely to cobble together a respectable top 25 resume given their schedule.

Trev Alberts is not a recognized Blogpoller. He has natural camouflages.

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Blogger Willy Mac said...

A few things: If Texas is so terrible, why do you have them at 6? Also, why do you have us (Clemson) at 12? Jesus McChrist!

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Big 12 Country we call Missouri Los Tigres (or Las Tigres since they're all a bunch of pussies).

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Didn't see Kentucky there. Oh well, the pussy comment still stands.

8:51 PM  
Anonymous winky O'conklin said...

willy mac... You should thank the orange n' blue football gods you're even ranked that high, the simple truth being that you never put a team coached by a bowden that is not bobby into the top 10, and rightfully right under the cocks since spurrier verbally teabags your coach whenever the visor feels like it. Click Click muthafucka!

9:01 PM  
Anonymous winky o'conklin said...

click CLACK that is...

9:04 PM  

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