Updated: Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blogpoll Week 2: The Kittening

I think it's pretty safe to say that every single one of these damn rankings are in constant flux if the game that can be recently now known as "The Kittening" can occur. It's mass hysteria up and down the board, people! Dogs and cats, living together....you heard me.

Only 4 more days before this list gets shaken up like an etch-a-sketch:
  1. Southern Cal
  2. LSU
  3. Texas
  4. West Virginia
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Louisville
  7. Ohio State
  8. California
  9. UCLA
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Oregon
  12. Florida
  13. Wisconsin
  14. Penn State
  15. Nebraska
  16. Georgia
  17. Georgia Tech
  18. Clemson
  19. South Carolina
  20. Alabama
  21. Texas A&M
  22. Rutgers
  23. Hawaii
  24. Boston College
  25. South Florida
The breakdown:

The top 5: USC, LSU, Texas, WfnVU, Oklahoma-

Had sayeth the Trev: "Michigan is here ...and are current kings of the Big Ten hill until someone knocks them off." Because we're good men here, and thorough, allow me to add the obligatory.

The week in question was apparently Week 1. Southern Cal and Louisiana State walk through their openers, showing just enough, Milton Berle style. Texas is here on inertia, and I'm ready to watch them fall, but I'm playing it safe. I'll hedge by upgrading Oklahoma to 5 with their case for a mercy rule against North Texas.

The next 5: Louisville, Ohio State, Cal, UCLA, Virginia Tech-
Ohio State gets to be the new overrated team as I bump them a bit too high now that they've only got 2 games on the schedule....or Michigan could home cook them to the stone age....who knows, but I know the shine has come off of The Game just a little bit. Cal gets some serious action for burning Tennessee in their vapor trails, UCLA gets a little too much boost for an impressive display, even against Stanford, and Virgina Tech still works out the football kinks as I admit that it's probably a little harsh. We'll get a better idea of the Hokies next week.

The middle 10: Oregon, Florida, Wisconsin, Penn State, Nebraska, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, Alabama-
For some of these teams, their rankings are stuck like glue until something happens. Nebraska and Wisconsin get a leg up for putting on some offensive displays, Georgia gets props from me for handling OkSt's Xbox offense, Georgia Tech announces it's defensive presence with authority...maybe, and lets see some more of SOS and the Dark Lord Saban. Clemson earns a spot with an early show of swagger and speed. Them boys are some fast, bumfuzzlingly fast.

The last 5: Texas A&M, Rutgers, Boston College, Hawaii, South Florida-
Not much to say here as the returning teams need to play their ways up or out of the last 5. Boston College earns its way in as Colt Brennan single handedly brings the Warriors to 24. South Florida remains because I still believe, especially if Kansas State was giving Auburn a game.

The mysterious remains:
Auburn, Tennessee, TCU, BYU, and Michigan State(1)

The Tigers still haven't shown me enough to make it into the middle 10 logjam, their inevitable entry point in the top 25. Tennessee is here on a compromise between getting torched and playing the big game. TCU gets is done, albeit against Baylor, while BYU takes down Arizona, both are at least worth a teeny look, as is Michigan State. The Spartans get a little more than "I got my eye on you" for hanging 55 on UAB, but not much else.

Trev Alberts is an unofficial member of all ranking organizations. He hated his Etch-a-Sketch.

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Blogger Willy Mac said...

18? Holy mother! Thanks for the big ups but the way our O played in the second half I'd give us 23 at best.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Chili said...

As a Clemson fan I feel like a dog who has long been beaten by his master. Occasionally master will hold out a treat only to pop us in the face when we go for it. This year's team seems so full of possibilities. Do I go for the treat or lay in wait of the inevitable pain to come?

4:21 PM  
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