Updated: Monday, September 03, 2007

Week 1 rundown

We're 99% through the carnage of the first week with the Florida State/Clemson (ie. Flemson) matchup to get the update tonight, the scoreboard looks healthy. Not so much hale, but certainly healthy. Its not too hard to get nail the straight up wagering in the first week, especially when you're me. However, in the interest of fairness, I will not be taking credit for picking games that were off the board. Am I saying this because of a certain game that I won't get into right now? You'll never know, but the thought had crossed our minds long before kittens entered the picture. Meowing aside, let's take a look at the soon to be updated scoreboard:

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 9-9
Straight Up: 14-4

Not bad. A respectable majority after a sea of uncertainty....unless Florida State screws me down to .500 on the week (haw haw.-IO)....and we all know the Trevonics show the most improvement from week 1 to week 2. It's science.

This weekend's action, in order of appearance:

Louisiana State 45- Mississippi State 0
Thursday night gave us the joyous return of the college football, and it reunited us with the adored SEC tradition, the Sly week. Most coaches might have thought of switching their QBs after the first 3 INTs thrown directly at the secondary, maybe even 4 or 5, but not Mr. Croom. No sir, he let that fine Henig boy throw 6 directly into the greedy hands of the Tigers, and almost get decapitated in the process. LSU was good, but not 45 points good, and I hope the Bulldogs remember to pack a backup next week, if only for safety's sake.

Rutgers 38-Buffalo 3
A commendable effort to open the season by Rutgers. Ray Rice runs roughshod, and the Heisman hype returns. If he can run like that all year, THEN we can start talking.

Michigan (OFF) over Appalachian State
The offseason was 8 grueling months for the nation's college football fans, and it is with no lack of malicious schadenfreude that I comfortably announce that Michigan's offseason has now been extended for another 12. Sorry guys, but it's over. Deal with that in the most responsible way possible, but this is the end for all intents and purposes. You have the Big Ten to play for, but I don't think there's a single victory that can wipe clean the everlasting shame of this loss. I award you no points, ever, so look forward to be looking up at the "also receiving votes" all year long. You are officially mortal, regardless of any possible thrashings of conference doormats.

Penn State 59-Florida International 0
Body bag games are easy when your coach is a zombie.

West Virginia 62-Western Michigan 24
Yet another Michigan team has it's national title hopes dashed on opening day.

Oklahoma 79-North Texas 10
Wow. That really escalated quickly. I think Bob Stoops killed a guy.

Texas 21-Arkansas State 13
Colt, the Trev is very angry at you. Ok, maybe I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. Feel the guilt.

Arkansas 46-Troy 26
Garbage time rears its ugly head against my precious cover. Oh well.

Southern Cal 38-Idaho 10
WTF. Maybe the line was a little high, but I'd be a little worried about the offense if it can't break 40 on Idaho.

Virginia Tech 17-East Carolina 7
In a perfect world, VT will be able to move on without being constantly reminded by the media of how they are in the media microscope.

Wisconsin 42-Washington State 21
If Wisconsin can keep up even a portion of that kind of offense, I'm sliding them up to Big Ten favorite. They don't even have to bribe me with dollar pitchers, but I would still happily accept.

Nebraska 52-Nevada 10
Pistol whipped. Damn, I'm clever. Next week's opponent is a little bit better than Nevada, though.

UCLA 45-Stanford 17
Maybe Harbaugh was distracted by his Lloyd Carr voodoo doll.

Georgia 35-Oklahoma State 10
I get to be wrong about two teams in the same game. Georgia's defense, better than I thought. OSU's offense? Not so much.

TCU 27-Baylor 0
It's Baylor.

Auburn 23-Kansas State 13
Fair play to Kansas State. They punched Auburn in the face and didn't back down, until the last four minutes. That was enough. Auburn, good enough to right the ship with a little help. That's what good teams do, but I'm still a little wary.

California 45-Tennessee 31
This pick certainly seemed to anger at least one commentor, but let me say good on Cal. The Vols hung with them, but it became a track meet. PAC10footbawteamspeed? Prepare the PAC-10 Wheel of Death.

Georgia Tech 33-Notre Dame 3
I'm a little worried about how remarkably calm the kid is after this complete debacle. Knifewrenchs, delayed blitzes, something like -8 rush yards, and an overall Tenuta shutdown leaves a lot to be desired. GTech looked like a good football team Saturday, so I'm definitely keeping my eye on them. Our editor is probably convinced he's still in the preseason.

Clemson 24-Florida State 18
Updated-We burned the midnight oil here at the office watching one of the more interesting matchups of the weekend. It obviously doesn't rise to the Mountaineer Miracle, but this was a damn interesting game by any one's standards, at least deserving exclusive billing on the family of networks. Florida State would like a do-over, I forgot this was at Death Valley, and the Seminoles were a different team in the second half. Not enough to win, but enough to keep us all guessing for Week 2. Clemson will need to learn how to finish, or else there's going to be some tough losses ahead.

Trev Alberts is the sole master of the Trevonics. It is fueled by carnage.

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Blogger travis said...

Hey, moron, Miss. State's back up was SUSPENDED for the LSU game. The third stringer was a TRUE FRESHMAN. Croom had no choice but keep sending Henig out there until it was apparent he was getting beat up pretty badly.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous captaineclectic said...

Travis, that's a lot of rage from a Miss. State guy. I understand rage from Notre Dame and Michigan fans cause, you know, they're supposed to be good. But you guys always suck, and have a sucky coach. Most people would develop a sense of humor about it by now.

7:20 AM  
Blogger IrishOutsider said...

So, there was a backup right? He eventually played, proving he was an option, regardless of how dire the situation. I just want to know why Henig played a few more series under the threat of having his femur snapped like a twig while getting blownout...and consider that rhetorical.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous D-Sweet said...

Hey Trev - like I mentioned earlier, I tracked your ATS performance against a few others on the internets. I didn't count your Michigan pick, cuz there was no line. That puts you at 9-8 and solidly in second-to-last place!

2:17 AM  

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