Updated: Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's a Do Over....except for you, Michigan.

Well the kid has finally worked out the kinks in the new office pool, and I've also finally remembered to start one up. Good on me for my timeliness, because last week's business was both fake and very, very real.

Cutting to the chase, I invite, nay, challenge all of you, more accurately the next 48 of you, to take me on in a competition of college confidencery! Do you has what it takes?! All your picks belong to the Trev! Standard Trevonics rates do not apply. Here's the kid with the finer points of these internet tubes:

Yahoo! memberships are required, and the group holds 50 people. If we get that high, hooray for everything, but you don't get in, you have only yourself to blame. We admittedly dropped the ball last week in getting the word out, but whatever, our bad.

Official rules:
Confidence scoring. More points=more confidence.
You have 5 minutes before this weeks Friday night matchup to set your picks.
We'll drop the lowest 2 scores, this is mainly to wipe out Mr. Alberts' current 110 point lead for cheating last weekend.
The phony wagerer with the most points at the end of the season will win a nominal prize to be determined.

Group ID#: 22011
password: trev

Click here to log into the FireMarkMay confidence pool. All hail Lord Gamblor!

Trev Alberts is a former ESPN guessing guy. He will crush you in his neon grip.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Trev, I see you racked up 114 points last week. The rest of us will catch you by week6!

Your pal,

Arkansas PigDogs

10:35 PM  

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