Updated: Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 13 Turkey-fried Trevonics

Distractions, drinking, an abridged prognostication week, and all sorts of other fantastical excuses are in store for this post of all trades, loyal followers. Sorry for the Bloo-ness of last week, but he distracted me with a cup and ball, and then we played for the site in a rousing game of marbles. Damn bastard plays keepsies, and he plays it to the bone. Before we get back on the Trevonic Horse, let's reset the major errors made both in actual football and imaginary polling. For those who took my little azul friend serious...you have to live with that.

  1. Kansas
  2. Louisiana State
  3. Missouri
  4. West Virginia
  5. Ohio State
  6. Arizona State
  7. Georgia
  8. Virginia Tech
  9. Oregon
  10. Oklahoma
  11. Southern Cal
  12. Florida
  13. Boston College
  14. Hawaii
  15. Texas
  16. Tennessee
  17. Illinois
  18. Virginia
  19. Boise State
  20. UCONN
  21. Clemson
  22. Wisconsin
  23. South Florida
  24. Texas Tech
  25. Cincinnati
Its just that time of year when logic is overridden by losses, freak injuries break the ties, and I keep teams like Texas in the purgatory they deserve. I'm not fair, but I certainly am tough, and if I'm not tough, I'm certainly phony tough and crazy brave, that special kind of crazy reserved only for those in the throes of desperation. Now for the scoreboard! We're keeping the season to date, its like when Corso takes a sick day, the last of which I believe was in 1986. Antioxidants, kids, antioxidants.

Season to date:
Against the Spread: 86-97-3
Straight Up: 129-55

There's only one way to dig out of this ATS hole this week. Well actually, there are several: toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, and jelly beans.

LSU (-12) over Arkansas
Texas (-5) over Texas A&M
Boise State (+3.5) over Hawaii
Virginia Tech (-3.5) over Virginia
Tennessee (+3) over Kentucky
BYU (-4.5) over Utah
Georgia (-3.5) over Georgia Tech
West Virginia (-17) over Connecticut
Oklahoma (-11.5) over Oklahoma State
Oregon (-2) over UCLA
Florida (-14) over Florida State
South Carolina (+2.5) over Clemson
Cincinnati (-20) over Syracuse
Auburn (-6) over Alabama
Kansas (-2) over Missouri

Trev Alberts is not a recognized Blogpoller. He no longer has the motor skills to play ping pong.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

mao, your face!
mao, your picks!
Mizzou is gonna smoke KSU...
that's actually the only pick i take umbrage with.....mao!
Bloo, where are you?!
i prefer the unexpected and unpredictable outright zaniness that our azure friend brought to your meanderings!

10:22 AM  
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