Updated: Thursday, June 01, 2006

Banging the Blog

Now that the site geek is out of the way, allow me to step in and say my piece. You left the blog wide open for this, irish, you have only yourself to blame. NOW, back to me. It may be a slow news day to you amateurs, but I. Am. Burning.

Not too much you can add to random links. Here's another one of me.
Good shot.

  • World Cup madness is poised to take over the globe in just a few days. We got, what, 4 ads a day on the deuce? Tighten it up, ESPN! Soccer is way more interesting than half the crap we show over there. SOCCER. NOW.
  • However, stop saying the future is here for soccer. I give a damn and I can't name 5 U.S. players. Can anyone name all the MLS teams? I thought not.
  • Roger Clemens. He's making a pile of cash to chuck it for the Astros. Good for him. Good for Houston. Get over it. Cards, Mets, D-Backs, Dodgers. Sox, Yanks, or Sox cream any of them in 5. NEXT.
  • This MLB season is ridiculous good. The Tigers are in first place! The freaking Tigers? This is like some kids movie right? Do they have a dog playing 1st base? Jim Leyland getting in touch with baseball ghosts and a junior-high kid at closer! No? Talk to me in a month.
  • I think the Tigers are trying to lose first place on the same day the Pistons are kicked out of the East. Good times.
  • Where do I sign up to see David Stern give the trophy to Mark Cuban?
  • Brent Musberger loves him some Hamm's.
  • Last stop is a big shout to YouTube.com. Where else could I link to crazy business like this, this, and this?. As if we didn't waste enough time at work. Gold.
That's all I've got for now. Respect for my clones out there.

Oh, and kid? Any time you want the big dog to walk the yard for you, you got the number.

Rack me.

Jim Rome can be seen weekdays at 4:30pm on ESPN's Rome is Burning. His hair is waterproof.



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