Updated: Sunday, May 28, 2006

I don't know what we're yelling about....

Apparently, its time for completely unfounded predictions. Between spring games and summer practice, us media types have nothing better to do than to rile up message boards everywhere with shots-in-the-dark like this. Ok, you want to dance, interweb? Try these on for size.
  • Ohio State will be ESPN's next schoolyard crush. It could be Bonds-esque.
  • USC will assume role of "scrappy underdog overcoming bad press" despite still having one of the top 5 most talented programs in the country.
  • The SEC will have an undefeated team going into November that has played 4 cupcakes and an overrated rivalry game. I can't say which one.

  • BC and blue turf, the latest Xmas tradition.
  • After being embarrassed by Charlie Weis once again, a now insane Joe Tiller will flee to Canada.
  • MSU will lose a game they were expected to dominate. No one will be surprised when John L. Smith completely ignores Holly Rowe attempting a post-game interview.
  • The Red River shootout will be over by halftime.
  • Nebraska will strike fear into the heart of every pundit with a BCS doomsday scenario.
  • Washington will wish it still had Idaho on the schedule.
  • UCF will be the only bright spot in the state of Florida. Book it.
  • Boston College will once again win the Micron Computers MPC Bowl in Boise.
  • A repeat of the 1984 Holiday Bowl is a distinct possibility.
Trev Alberts is a former ESPN analyst. He's gotten too much sun this weekend.



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