Updated: Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Our creditors are allowing us to show this video in repayment of Trev's massive gambling debts this season. Apologies in advance. Damn you Welt Sexy Computerspeilenhaus.



Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week 10 Trevonics

Shock and awe for my loyal followers! A Trevonics by Odin's day? MADNESS! To be honest, its cause we're ditching this Popsicle stand yet again this weekend, as the kid is still roaming the Earth like that Kung FU guy in the wake of this awful Notre Dame season. Meanwhile, we had to make sure we didn't leave our cult following without another dose of the Trev. Scoreboard, ho!

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 64-79-1
Straight Up: 100-43

Ohio State (-15.5) over Wisconsin
3 months ago, I had this game circled on the calendar. Wisconsin on the rise, blah blah blah, and Ohio State not exactly lighting the world on fire. Well, the Buckeyes still aren't doing anything more than the ruthlessly methodical grinding of thier opponents into a thick Midwestern paste. The Badgers will be turned into the latest dumpling.
Trev's pick: Ohio State

Clemson (-16) over Duke
Its basketball season now, right? DONE!
Trev's pick: Clemson

Virginia (even) over Wake Forest
UVA is the new Wake Forest. You bore me, Demon Deacons. Off to basketball season with you as well!
Trev's pick: Virginia

Vanderbilt (+16) over Florida
These Commodores are no pushovers, sirs. They can sling it, and they can hang with their conference big brothers. 16 points is too damn much for a day game at The Swamp, but Ill split the pick.
Trev's pick: Vanderbilt to cover, Florida to win

Kansas (-19) over Nebraska
Oh, where is the horse and the rider? How did it come to this? The fat man, he comes for the Huskers, in the afternoon, and in the clanging and gnashing of husking shall echo into the still night, in a flurry of velour and awesomeness.
Trev's pick: Kansas

Georgia (-16.5) over Troy
I've been been doing what they call "hating" on the Dawgs this season, but this won't be a challenge for them
Trev's pick: Georgia

San Jose State (+25.5) over Boise State
Watch out for San Jose State, they can put up some points, and they've given Hawaii a good scare this year. Boise State, on the other hand, is still "that team that lost to Washington." I think you know where I stand.
Trev's pick:San Jose State

Oklahoma State (+3) over Texas
I'm still riding this to hell. Texas is still not impressing me this year. Heck, they almost lost to my Huskers for crying out loud. This one could be a shootout, and I favor the Cowboys, as is the style at this time.
Trev's pick: Oklahoma State

Michigan (-4) over Michigan State
Sigh. Michigan is good again. Its not cool to root for Michigan State anymore. Just root for the Skunkbears to bring their Appalachian Stink to the Rose Bowl.
Trev's pick: Michigan

South Florida (-4) over Cincinnati
New law of the Big East: screw the team with fewer losses.
Trev's pick: South Florida

Tennessee (-29.5) over LA Lafayette
Ugh. Why is there a line? Now I have to be somewhat concerned with this game. Its November! How is this even happening?
Trev's pick: Tennessee

Alabama (+7.5) over Louisiana State
Hmm. The Revenge of the Saban? Isn't it really the revenge of the Chainsaw? Louisiana State is very angry, and I don't like pissing off any mythological creatures with power tools for members. This is an SEC rivalry game of the highest order, so I'm taking the points and splitting the pick.
Trev's pick: Alabama to cover, Louisiana State to win

Missouri (-3.5) over Colorado
This feels like a trap line, like someone on the inside knows coach Hawkins is planning on spiking the Mizzou Kool-Aid or something, but I have to go with the likelihood that the Tigers could still hang 50 on the Buffs while under the influence.
Trev's pick: Missouri

Oregon (-7) over Arizona State
Its put up or shut up time for Arizona State, where they go from one possibly lucky win to rising to meet a second challenge. They get by Oregon in Autzen, and they have a legitimate shot at running the table...REALLY?
Trev's pick: Oregon

Rutgers (+2.5) over Connecticut
Big East screwjob number....I've lost track...I think this will be number four by then.
Trev's pick: Rutgers

Oklahoma (-21) over Texas A&M
The Aggies are still playing football this year? What with all of the turmoil and rumors and whatnot, I lost track of if they were any good. Judging by the line, I'm guessing no, and I'll have to stick with Oklahoma and their awesomeness.
Trev's pick: Oklahoma

South Carolina (+4.5) over Arkansas
Also in the "hey, they were supposed to be kind of good, right?" is Arkansas. The 'Cocks are getting points in an equally tumultuous setting in Fayetteville. Maybe we'll get to see another exciting 9-6 SEC showdown, but I have to like the Visor's chances.
Trev's pick: South Carolina

Southern Cal (-15) over Oregon State
A lot of Trojan revenge here, between last year's upset, and coming off of last week's loss.
Trev's pick:Southern Cal

Florida State (+6.5) over Boston College
Please Please Please Florida State. Stop this madness. Restore some Order. Throw a Flaming Spear through Matt Ryan's head, and end this long national nightmare.
Trev's pick: Florida State

Notre Dame (-3.5) over Navy
While we're discussing national nightmares, I think Notre Dame (-3.5) is an affront to our fine men and women in the armed services. Not just the Naval Academy, either, but the entire armed services. This game is the true test of naval fortitude. If they can't beat easily the worst Irish team in the modern era, that streak is going to take another world war to get the necessary footballing talent back to Annapolis.
Trev's pick: Notre Dame

Trev Alberts used to be an empty suit for ESPN. He is a roadtripping fool.

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Updated: Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 10 Blogpoll: Deception!

I see the loyal Trevians are storming the gates like the college football barbarians of yore. I am so proud of my internet army of the night. Kudos to you, fine savage beasts of the Trev! you have awoken me from my slumber, the kid from his numerous distractions, and have earned an earnest and humble apology from your overlord, the Me. Actually, the kid will be the one truly apologizing, because he is sorry, and a little whiny bitch, and my eternal scapegoat. Long story short, I tried to start composing the entire site on his iPhone, but there were just too many spelling errors, too many things unnecessarily auto-corrected, and the entire office is full of sausage-fingered freaks! It was really a perfect storm that was just plain out of control. Also, the Germans have tried to break my legs on numerous occasions, and we lost some of our best interns trying to distract them these past few days. The current casualties of my lackluster selections this season are two thumbs, a pinky nail, three kneecaps, a sternum, and a minor concussion.

With that out of the way, the best way to get the ball back and rolling is with an unnecessary list! Something really arbitrary and time sensitive. You know, something that will be dated almost as soon as we're done posting the damn thing. Of course! A Blogpoll! Specious reasoning ahoy!

  1. Ohio State
  2. Boston College
  3. Louisiana State
  4. Arizona State
  5. Oregon
  6. West Virginia
  7. Kansas
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Missouri
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Hawaii
  12. Connecticut
  13. Georgia
  14. Auburn
  15. Alabama
  16. South Florida
  17. Southern Cal
  18. Florida
  19. Texas
  20. Clemson
  21. Purdue
  22. Virginia
  23. Wake Forest
  24. Boise State
  25. South Carolina

The breakdown:
The top 5: Ohio State, Boston College, Louisiana State, Arizona State, Oregon
When last met our top 5, I was giving USF the kiss of death. Now, we see some kind of cream surface to the top of this rancid buttermilk of a season. Ohio State and LSU, ok, that makes some sense, even Oregon to some degree, but man, Boston College and Arizona State? This just doesn't happen, people. I almost gave the Sun Devils the number 3, but then remembered that LSU would still chainsaw them into itty bitty pieces of tanned devil jerky 9 times out of 10. Also, their only real victory is this past week over Cal....which is becoming less impressive by the day. Oregon is only a few more steps from claiming the title of best 1-loss team, as I'm sure 2nd losses will continue to be handed out like free Comcast broadband internet.

The next 5: West Virginia, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia Tech-
Some real judgment calls here, and a big ol' Big XII knot if there ever was one. First of all, WVU has the best remaining one-loss in my opinion that doesn't involve directly losing to Oklahoma. Therefore, they are ahead of OU, which begats the Mizzou, son of Shahazbar of the Ozark tribe. But, where to place Kansas? The current reigning awesome fat man of college football deserves some credit for this ridiculous Jayhawks season, but they can't enter the class of the 1-loss power programs until they backslide into them, defeat Missouri, or win the Big XII title, whichever happens first...and then whatever happens next. Virginia Tech is really wishing for a playoff system right now, as their only losses are to the #2 and #3 teams in the county. They are two Matt Ryan ass-rabbits from the top 5 and riding shotgun in the 1-loss-title shot mobile, but thems the breaks.

The middle 10: Hawaii, UCONN, UGA, Auburn, Alabama, USF, Southern Cal, Florida, Texas, Clemson-
Questions start off the the middle ten. Is there enough crazy juice left in this season to give Hawaii and UCONN various kinds of BCS mojo? Can I just pencil them into the Fiesta Bowl now? Georgia keeps proving me wrong and is on a collision course for the SEC title game if they can get past Auburn in two weeks. The Tigers get the WTF award at this time of the year, having been so up and down while being on both sides of some truly pivotal games. Bama has the shot to do its fair share of damages at home against The Chainsaw. South Florida's ranking is honorary at this point, just because they can almost be argued as a pick'em against the Trojans...and I'm enjoying that right now more than anything else. Florida rides its quality 5 wins and 3 quality losses as far as their SEC pedigree will take them, and that's more than sleepwalking UT. Clemson still gets style points from me, and I'll still take them over anyone in the bottom 5.

The last 5: Purdue, Virginia, Wake Forest, Boise State, Tennessee-
Purdue gives the Big Ten their second representative in the top 25 on the merits of them not being Wisconsin or the exiled Michigan. They have 2 losses...to UM and tOSU. That's the Big Ten equivalent of losing to LSU and Auburn, but, you know, not as much because its not the SEC. UVA and Wake Forest are surviving the allure of mediocrity, the siren song of the ACC, and Tennessee rounds out the top 25 for being better than the Visor head to head.

The mysterious remains:
Wisconsin, South Carolina, Kentucky, California-
Again, a constant reminder that Michigan remains unranked. No points awarded. None. We are, however, secretly rooting for them to win the Big Ten by the destruction of Ohio State, whirling the free world into chaos, and spreading the Appalachian State herpes to a vast majority of the nation. Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Kentucky can still back into the bottom 5 (or better) if they win out....but California is hanging on by a very thin thread.

Trev Alberts is not a recognized Blogpoller. He cannot be auto-corrected.

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Updated: Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bye Week

As if we weren't taking 15 consecutive breaks around here before, the Bye week for the Irish is an official holiday for all of us this season. So sayeth the me. Catch everyone after this weekend.

Mao! Boston College, Mao!




Updated: Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Week 8 Rundown: Finally, with Sloth.

Sorry everyone, the entire office had been shut down for a while whilst the kid recovered from that so-called "football game" involving ND and Southern Cal. No hilarious excerpts from J Peterman this time, and certainly no time for Muppet Broadcasting, as this is truly the abyss for our fearless editor. The nothingness of the Irish completes dominates his being, and he is not wont to do anything other than stare into its endless darkness. Personally, I think its awesome. I mean, finally someone is using that abyss we had installed late last season, and he's giving everyone all of these sweet extra personal days. Fortunately, I have nothing better to do than to hang out at the compound and mock his misfortune. Unfortunately, with no interns around until later this week, I have to lug in this scoreboard all by my damn manly Trev self.

Week 8 Results:
Against the Spread: 7-8
Straight Up: 9-6

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 64-79-1
Straight Up: 100-43

Another anemically burly showing in the straight up column, but that ATS line still ain't pulling its weight. Good thing I didn't have to pick the UCLA game, that would have been completely out of left field. I have run out of excuses for this season other than total chaos....we can't even get the Wheel of Death out here because it won't stop spinning. Its unwieldy that one, it is.

Pitt 24-Cincy 17
Oh, that whole fair catch thing wasn't cool? Thanks, Big East refs, for totally ruining another Cinderella story. First, no way that was offensive PI in the USF game....and now this. It's like you're trying to make sure no one can "Rutgers it up." Whatever, you don't need al that national exposure anyway, right? And at least the Panthers won a giant rectal themometer for their troubles.

Vandy 17- South Carolina 6
I honestly don't know how to feel right now. Go 'Dores? You have to feel awesome for Vandy, but they do have Visor blood on their hands. Oh well, at least SOS will get more credit for losing than Vandy will get for winning. That's how poll inertia works.

Alabama 41-Tennessee 17
Yeah.....they got the snot kicked out of them. Dark Lord Saban mind tricked us all with his fully operational Crimson Tide.

Oklahoma 17-Iowa State 7
This should make Cyclones fans feel optimistic about their future defenses under Chizik. Now, if they could just find another year of eligibility for Seneca Wallace, they can run that crazy spread Missouri business that seems to be so popular these days.

Texas 31-Baylor 10
Completing the Big XII mails it in duet are the Longhorns putting away Baylor convincingly, but not convincingly enough for the Germans....Damn Texas.....

West Virginia 38-Mississippi State 13
Well at least one offensive machine can still cover the spread around here. Too bad these style points only mean something if your schedule strength is worth a damn...and the Big East has certainly seen to it that it does not....no sir....it does not. Nice Sly Week though.

Missouri 41-Texas Tech 10
The Tigers have out pirated the Pirate King! The Dread Pirate Leach has been depirated! I'm pretty sure this is how he got the title in the first place. Good job, Leach, your boosters will likely kill you in the morning.

Ohio State 24-Michigan State 17
What I really want is for Michigan State to be coached by Dennis Green. Dusting off the old chestnut...THE BUCKEYES WERE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE. Meanwhile, the Sweatervest grinds it out like Sweatervest does. THE remaining schedule is Wisconsin (snuh...now), Penn State (BRAINS! AND 7 INTS!), and Michigan (Bo, still dead). The remaining question is whether Southern Cal or the SEC champ gets to wax them by three scores.

UCLA 30-California 21
I know this wasn't a pick but REALLY?!?!?! Karl Dorrell has dug himself quite the trench in Westwood, winning just enough, just big enough to stick around. Watch them beat Southern Cal again....and their fans might actually boo.

Kansas 19-Colorad 14
Mmm....Buffalo. Mangino is the smartest fat coach you've never heard of...or at least the one with the least credit. Kansas is undefeated this year. KANSAS! THIS YEAR!

Oregon 55-Washington 34
How to keep your job in the PAC-10, fall backwards into a kickass QB who's first words as a child were "I'm going to play for the Huskies," and sit back while he turns broken play after broken play into some kind of offense. This works on the West Coast. Meanwhile, keep every game close at the half, and don't make any adjustments, ever. Looking competitive is just as good as actually being competitive right?

Michigan 27-Illinois 17
Personally, I wanted to see this game go down to a field goal, because [redacted] decided to give Michigan the wind in the 4th in a close game. He's thinking, "hey, we're tied at home here, I've deferred, let's go ahead and make this as easy as possible for UM to pull it out of their ass." Luckily, it didn't come down to that, as somewhere in the 3rd quarter, [fighting redacted] looked at their jerseys, realized they were Illinois, and that Midnight Madness had occurred. DING! Illinois turned back into a basketball school.

LSU 30-Auburn 24
Les Miles, once again proving that brains does not win games in 2007. I think most things have already been said to that effect.

Southern Cal 38-Adidas Green Jersey Models n/a
A four-hour exhibition match between an actual football program, and a bunch of dudes wearing throwbacks. It was basically a fashion show, but with much more falling down. I'm sure if I was on the ND offensive line, I wouldn't be able to hear the coverages over my bright yellow pants either. Yes, this is a down year, and yes, the recruiting classes are still awesome, but for the Irish faithful, this year has gone beyond bad, beyond sad, to the just plain life-questioning inky blackness of the void....and that's what I have to deal with every day

Trev Alberts is a former ESPN hair model. He owns The Abyss on Laserdisc.

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Updated: Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 8 Trevonics: Trickeration

For once I get back on track and get the Trevonics in under the gun, early rather than never. The kid tricked me into thinking South Florida was the deadline tonight. Smooth operator, that editor of mine, but it still doesn't change the fact that I'm the only one pulling his weight around here lately. Granted, the Trev pulls himself a lot of weight, but that is besides the point. Interns, pull in my weighty scoreboard.

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 57-71-1
Straight Up: 91-37

There's some interesting games on the slate, some interesting interesting as well as some "interesting" interesting, so let's get right down to it.

Cincinnati (-9.5) over Pittsburgh (1200et)
The Wannstache is not in a very good situation. Maybe its just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the Big East has just exploded since he's shown up. Then again, maybe it's the exposure other programs are getting by shellacking the Panthers on ESPN. I don't know, I'm not a scientist, but now it's Cincy's turn to stand on the shoulders of former giants.
Trev's pick: Cincinnati

Vanderbilt (+13) over South Carolina (1230et)
I am fully aware of how awesome I think the Visor and the 'Cocks are this season, but don't doubt the Commodores. They played UGA real tough last week at home, and this game isn't going to be played in the deep, dark Columbian evening. I'd like to think it will be a close match, and I'll split the pick.
Trev's pick: Vanderbilt to cover, USC to win

Tennessee (pick) over Alabama (1230et)
However, my blatant favoritism of the Dark Lord Saban has waned these past few weeks. Anyone been watching the Volunteers lately? They're playing well enough to make 'Bama a home dog in light of recent troubles with Florida State et al. Again, a close game, but no split pick as I think the Vols pull it out in the end.
Trev's pick: Tennessee

Oklahoma (-30) over Iowa State (1230et)
This is why we make fun of the Big XII North. The Sooners let Mizzou into last week's game by divine providence, something the Cyclones won't be as fortunate to receive. Fewer turnovers, more possession, and a weaker team are going to add up to more points...many many many more points.
Trev's pick: Oklahoma

Texas (-25) over Baylor (1230et)
Same story here. Texas will play like the best damn 2-loss team in the universe in a game that doesn't mean anything.
Trev's pick: Texas

Kentucky (+6.5) Florida (330et)
Wowzers. Kentucky knocks off the chainsaw that still is LSU, and now plays host to Florida, a perfect defensive mismatch against Andre Woodson's air-raiding. They are going to open it up against the Gators, and as long as they can stop UF's three plays (hint: one of them is Tebow Off-Tackle), they'll keep it close. Combine that with the home field and the UK mojo, and the pick is clear....although I have to make sure they kid doesn't subliminally dictate Florida.
Trev's pick: Kentucky

West Virginia (-24.5) over Mississippi State (330et)
This will not be pleasant, and it will not be fast.
Trev's pick: West Virginia

Missouri (-3.5) over Texas Tech (330et)
There is a very real possibility that there are 100 points scored in this game, and that might just be Texas Tech. However, Missouri may just have the edge in defense and dare I say, offensive flexibility. A mobile QB in a spread out offense is all the rage these days, and I don't know if the Red Raiders have it in them to stop anything, let alone that.
Trev's pick: Missouri

Michigan State (+17) over Ohio State (330et)
Don't think for a second that Sparty is going to pull off the upset du week 8, because its just not happening. However, there is a very real possibility that MSU makes a game out of this, sans John L Smith, not to mention Ohio State playing its particular brand of tight, regimented Tressel Ball under the weight of a 2007 #1. 17 points is just too much, but the Buckeyes escape faster than you can dot the I.
Trev's pick: MSU to cover, OSU to win

Cal over UCLA (OFF) (330et)
I can't make an official pick here, but I do want to point out that this line is hilarious.

Kansas (-3.5) over Colorado (530et)
Mangino will not fall to the same fate as Oklahoma, second helpings just aren't as delicious...I mean, coach will eat them anyway, but there will be no double dipping in Boulder.
Trev's pick: Kansas

Kansas State (+3) over Oklahoma State (705et)
In a game like this, with the way these teams can open it up at any time, I have to go with the team that looks like it wants it more, and that has been KState all year long. No offense to the Cowboys, but there is something going on in Manhattan these days, and I don't think OSU is ready for it.
Trev's pick: Kansas State

Oregon (-11.5) over Washington (730et)
Just as an experiment, I want to know how many first half lines Washington has won this year. I'm just saying its the only chance they got this week.
Trev's pick: Oregon

Illinois (+2.5) over Michigan (800et)
[Redacted], go you [redacted], fight on [fighting redacted], stop all of this crazy talk of skunkbear resurgence. Do it for the Trev.
Trev's pick: Illinois

Louisiana State (-10.5) over Auburn (900et)
NIGHT GAME IN BATON ROUGE. The gates of hell spring open, the chainsaw werewolf is fully formed, and Auburn is going to need more than three field goals to get this done. This is not Arkansas.
Trev's pick: LSU

Southern Cal (-17) over Notre Dame (330et)
The kid is about to stab me to death with various steely knives as I dictate this, but even in the light of Southern Cal's truly disappointing, by Trojan standards, season, Notre Dame is too young, too green, too everything that SC is not for this game. The Irish need to play perfect football to have a chance, as every turnover WILL be 7 points. Its not a very good matchup for them at all. That, and the poodle has all sorts of vengeance on his mind. I'm going to hide in my sniper proof office now....
Trev's pick: Southern Cal

Trev Alberts is a current CSTV analyst. He is a major tool.

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Updated: Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 8 Blogpoll: Extra Tasty Crazy

Get ready for an extra dose of crazy, loyal Trevians, as if the season to date hasn't been chock full of absolute life-questioning upsets. Just saying, there's a lot of madness to go around, and this week's blogpoll is no exception. Between my over-correcting, my under-correcting, and my flat out bold presumptions...well....you take a look.

1. South Florida
2. Ohio State
3. Boston College
4. South Carolina
5. Kentucky
6. Louisiana State
7. Southern Cal
8. Oklahoma
9. California
10. Virginia Tech
11. Oregon
12. Hawaii
13. Kansas
14. West Virginia
15. Florida
16. Arizona State
17. Missouri
18. Tennessee
19. Auburn
20. Georgia
21. Florida State
22. Virginia
23. Cincinnati
24. Texas Tech
25. Kansas State

The breakdown: The top 5: USF, Ohio State, Boston College, South Carolina, Kentucky-
There it is. I'm saying it right now. South Florida is the best team in the country today. Undefeated, untied, and with wins over West Virginia and at Auburn that leaves them above the rest. A consensus number one in the computers, and if they'd been around for more than 10 years, they'd be no doubt number one. Ohio State may have the pedigree, and they may have a chance to close the gap with games against Penn State and Michigan, but for right now, put up the horns for the Bulls. Boston College is here on undefeated momentum, a Heisman candidate at QB, and that lovely East Coast bias. South Carolina over Kentucky over Louisiana State by the wonders of the transitive property.

The next 5: Louisiana State, Southern Cal, Oklahoma, California, Virginia Tech-
And that leaves a very angry, very deadly Tiger team here at number 6. Its at that point in the season that you can argue that they are the best team, but are also the most underrated. That point when talent and potential start giving way to computers, polls, wins, and losses. Southern Cal is up here yet again trading on their name, as Stanford isn't the best loss in the world. In fact, Colorado, Oregon State, and LSU are better losses, but that's the way it goes.

The middle 10: Oregon, Hawaii, Kansas, West Virginia, Florida, Arizona State, Missouri, Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia-
We now settle on strength of losses and quality wins. Oregon's sole loss to Cal looked really good until they forgot they couldn't stop the clock against the Beavers. However, since some crazy types think Michigan is rankable, I guess that shellacking gets more credit. Kansas should probably be higher than Hawaii, and they'll have plenty of opportunity to overcome the Colt Brennan mojo. WVU has the 1-loss edge over Florida, to USF of all teams, while Arizona State retains zero credit for their resume to date. Mizzou has the ability to shock some people, but they couldn't get past Oklahoma, placing them in the strange creamy middle of talent vs. resume. Tennessee is back to pasting people proper while Auburn and Georgia still fail to impress....beyond beating Florida of course.

The last 5: Florida State, Virginia, Cincinnati, Texas Tech, Kansas State-
Rounding out the bottom of the list are some teams with some respectability, like Florida State, some teams clamoring for SOME respect, like UVA, Cincy, and TTech, while Texas, like many of the mysterious remains, clamoring for someone to look past their record and trade on their name a little more. See also Michigan. K-State beat Texas, so that puts them here, and the horns down there.

The mysterious remains:
Illinois, Penn State, Texas, Michigan (really?!)-
Let's get this out of the way right quick. Michigan lost to a DI-AA team. I don't care how good Appalachian State is this year. I don't care how good Michigan is now. All I care about is that at the bottom of the Top 25, there are plenty of teams with better resumes than the skunkbears that deserve the honorable mentions that this ranking strata entails. The redacteds and the zombies are having better years overall than UM, not to mention K-State thoroughly. Texas may be back to there cupcake stomping ways, but they need to earn it just like everyone else.

Trev Alberts is not a recognized Blogpoller. He is the Trev.

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Updated: Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 7 Rundown: Jovi Punch!

The power of the subconscious Trev! I pulled a sweet record without even thinking, subliminally serving up some Trevonic beatdowns....too bad I get no points from Yahoo! Sports, and may God have mercy on my soul. Save me, Scoreboard!

Week 7 Results:
Against the Spread: 12-8
Straight Up: 15-5

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 57-71-1
Straight Up: 91-37

That straight up is still so scrumtrillescent if I must say so myself. In this crazy mixed up world of bizarro college football, the great predicting mind that is me is almost 75% at just picking random teams. Coin flips rock! Anyway, in salute of the absolute madness that is this season, please enjoy this film that I view as a metaphor for the entire 2007 season: Andy Samberg punching people just before eating.

See, its like the guy eating the pizza is Cal, and Andy is Oregon State. MURDER! Enjoy the snappy tune as I rundown the latest chapter of insanity.

Hawaii 42-San Jose State 35
Once again, Colt Brennan snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, continuing their march to being "the next Boise State." Honestly though, I'm not seeing it right now, especially if the Warrior defense is this swiss-cheesy.

Virginia Tech 43-Duke 14
Thanks for coming out, Duke.

Ohio State 48-Kent State 3
Ohio State, the best team in Ohio. We know this because they play every team in Ohio. Are they even in the Big Ten anymore?

South Florida 64-Central Florida 12
This was quite unexpected. Thumbs down to me for thinking UCF had some fight in them. You'd think they'd defend their title as "that other Florida team" a little bit harder. I am still pulling full transitive USF > Texas arguments.

Iowa 10-Illinois 6
This is why you're [redacted]. Iowa gets to hang their hat on the chiefs, and what a sad state of affairs it is when that is your Big Ten.

Texas 56-Iowa State 13
This still doesn't make you good, Texas. Glad you're getting your practice reps in now as a opposed to say....August...and glad to see you can beat up Iowa State instead of, you know, football teams.

Kansas 58-Baylor 10
Ladies and gentlemen, your undefeated Kansas Manginos.

Tennessee 33-Mississippi State 21
The Vols win their Sly Week in convincing enough fashion.

Oregon 53-Washington State 7
This is kind of like Texas' match up with Iowa State as celebrating such a victory is akin to kicking a dog.

South Carolina 21-North Carolina 15
The Tarheels put up an unexpectedly tough fight with the Gamecocks as the Visor click clacks his way out of danger.

Southern Cal 20-Arizona 13
Southern Cal, you're like totally not impressing me anymore. I find it very hard to believe that the PAC-10 and/or Idaho are all that talented, and you're like, the bestest team ever right? Where's the style points?

Kentucky 43-Louisiana State 37
The crazy meter is officially gone to 11 with this game, everyone. Kentucky is ranked ahead of the chainsaw, who may still be the best team in the country, but must now overcome their single-loss ness. Unbelievable.

Penn State 38-Wisconsin 7
Equally shocking, the Wisconsin Badgers have been thoroughly exposed by the Big Ten, and will have now fallen from 5 to out of the top 25 in two weeks. Staggering. It boggles the mind.

Georgia 20-Vanderbilt 17
I would have absolutely loved to see the Commodores add to the seasonal madness, but alas no. Georgia, this is why I don't like you, and I still can't explain it.

Oklahoma 41-Missouri 31
This game has gained a bunch of respect in my book for giving the Sooners a game in Norman. Its a moral victory, but while those don't really exist, I'm giving full credit here. Mizzou is better than I've given them credit. Oklahoma, however, is a very good team, and good teams win these games at home.

Oregon State 31-California 28
Cal was the number one team in the country for about 90 minutes on Saturday night...and then that redshirt QB of there's forgot that he can't get sacked....but scrambled for the endzone anyway. That's what you get for not kicking the field goal I guess. Actually, I hope no one is too hard on the poor kid. I mean, I guess that play did just make Ohio State #1....so yeah....hate is a strong word in this case....but he's getting transitive Buckeye hate from the Trev. Fair play to the Beavers for adding to the crazy.

Louisville 28-Cincinnati 24
The Big East is a mess, a right solid mess, and I don't know what to say about it other than throw my hands up in the air and say "Done!" Moving on.

Auburn 9-Arkansas 7
Its good to see someone wanted to win this game. Auburn is quickly clawing its way back to respectability on the bodies of big name SEC teams.

Arizona State 44-Washington 20
A Sun Devil is a vicious animal, ok?

Boston College 27-Notre Dame 14
Its nice that the Eagles let Notre Dame skate by on the point spread, its discernible progress. There's not much more to say about this game other than Boston College plays a solid football game, Notre Dame is still working on it. No questionable calls, no shady pass coverage, and no offensive meltdowns will change that Boston College was winning this football game. However, they are the reason the kid is still passed out in a St. Joe County holding cell.

Trev Alberts is a former ESPN analyst. He is the sanest guy you know.

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Updated: Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 7 Trevonics: Sparing us All

Holy heck! Where did the week go? One second I'm building the perfect blogpoll, the next its Friday night, and I'm locked out of the stupid Yahoo pick them! I'd like to blame lots of things, but they are too numerous to have the kid type out. Mainly, they're all out to get me. The Germans, the NCAA, college football in general, and the concept of the points spread itself. In the abstract, seriously, after me. Let's get the equally fictional scoreboard out here for some rapid fire paranoia.

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 45-63-1
Straight Up: 76-32

Hawaii (-18.5) over San Jose State
Virginia Tech (-14) over Duke
Ohio St (-31) over Kent State
UCF (+11.5) over USF, USF to win
Illinois (-3.5) over Iowa
Texas (-16) over Iowa State
Kansas (-27) over Baylor
Tennessee (-7) over Mississippi State
Oregon (-18.5) over Washington State
South Carolina (-7) over North Carolina
Southern Cal (-21) over Arizona
Kentucky (+10) over Louisiana State, LSU to win
Penn State (-7) over Wisconsin
Georgia (-7) over Vanderbilt
Oklahoma (-10.5) over Missouri
Cal (-14) over Oregon State
Louisville (+10) over Cincinnati, Cincy to win
Auburn (+3) over Arkansas
Arizona State (-13.5) over Washington
Notre Dame (+13.5) over Boston College

I'd love to stay and explain the methods to my madness, but the office is going on a bear hunt early in the morning. There will be barenjager and Canada. That's really all I can say for certain.

Trev Alberts is a member of the legitimate media. He is not recognized this week by Yahoo! Sports.

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Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 7 Blogpoll: Mass Hysteria

Just more damn chaos in the ranks this week. Let's just get on with this before I change my mind. I have no freaking clue how to sort this out. Look at this. I mean....just look at this. This is what I stay sober for? The hell with it!
  1. LSU
  2. California
  3. Ohio State
  4. South Florida
  5. South Carolina
  6. Boston College
  7. Southern Cal
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Virginia Tech
  10. Oregon
  11. Hawaii
  12. Florida
  13. West Virginia
  14. Kentucky
  15. Wisconsin
  16. Missouri
  17. Arizona State
  18. Cincinnati
  19. Kansas
  20. Georgia
  21. Illinois
  22. Auburn
  23. Florida State
  24. Tennessee
  25. Texas A&M
The breakdown:

The top 5: LSU, California, Ohio State, South Florida, South Carolina-

Ladies and gentleman, the undisputed number 1 with a chainsaw. On all fronts, resume, record, and the ability to devour any lesser ranked opponent with big sharp, pointy teeth, the Tigers are the best team in the country. Cal and Ohio State follow on the strength of their records with South Floridas and Carolinas tumbling their ways upwards with good wins and just plain survival. However, no one is safe from the next unknown kittening. It's coming

The next 5: Boston College, Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Oregon-
I don't know how the hell they're doing it, but BC is ranked ahead of Southern Cal. Maybe if they'd played Stanford, they'd lose too, there's really no way of knowing, but I'm sure if they did, they'd drop further than 7th. Southern Cal's lofty pedigree keeps them this high, just as it does for Oklahoma, but Colorado at least has a mascot. The Hokies, I admit, are still a bit overrated for now, as I just don't know what the hell they are up to in Blacksburg. They are maybe the most confusing team on this list. Oregon takes the end with the the only 1 loss better than VTs.

The middle 10: Hawaii, Florida, West Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arizona State, Cincinnati, Kansas, Georgia-
The middle ten is just a jumbled mess of tangled resumes. Hawaii deserves something for being undefeated, and considering Florida's main weakness is their secondary, Colt gets the nod. West Virginia should probably switch places with Virginia Tech, and they will as soon as the Big East stop sucking, or Virginia Tech cobbles a consistent offense, or both. Kentucky and Wisconsin are both having great seasons, save for some stumbles, with Kentucky's being more respectable like. They lost to the Visor, not the redacted. Missouri, Arizona State, and Cincinnati are stuck down here on lack of name recognition, and the fact that I just don't plain trust them. Kansas and Georgia get the same treatment, but without the nice resumes...or something....

The last 5: Illinois, Auburn, Florida State, Tennessee, Texas A&M-
The logjam has to end somewhere, and here it do. The Fighting Redacted make quite a statement with their win over Wisconsin, not to mention the crazy state of the Big Ten at the moment. Auburn is prepared to take their role of spoiler as far as it will go, as will Tennessee. Florida State and the Aggies fill out the rest with their potential to also rock the boat.

The mysterious remains:
Purdue, Rutgers, Virginia, Texas-

The first teams out all show the ability to work their way into the top 25...except Texas....because I am still hating on them. However, everyone else has them on this list somewhere, but when you can barely beat UCF and Arkansas State, while your not living up to the potential, I'm not ready to put them into anything just yet. However, they have the kind of upward mobility reserved for a talented team in a top-heavy conference.

Trev Alberts is not a recognized Blogpoller. He likes to recreate Civil War battles with kitties.

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Updated: Monday, October 08, 2007

Week 6 Rundown: The Kitten Virus

Sweet Jeebus, I can't shake whatever the hell is going on here! It's like some kind of plague has followed me from the swampy plague filled swamps of Florida and followed me home. I can't figure it out. The kid's throwing up in the corner, half from illness, half from "overly celebrating", and I am tripping balls on whatever antibiotics I was able to forge from the pharmacy. The great thing about sporting my anchortastic good looks is that I can fake my way through almost any situation that can be covered by not actually being a doctor, but being able to play one on TV. Just grab some paper, write sloppily, possibly while drunk, and throw in some completely random shorthand and voila! Medicated. Scoreboard?

Week 6 results:
Against the Spread: 4-11
Straight Up: 9-5

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 45-63-1
Straight Up: 76-32

Mercy. The Trev train is spiraling out of control, and there are really only two places this can end up if I don't find the brakes: broken limbs or Mexico.

Boston College 55-Bowling Green 24
Boston College, the greatest team in the world apparently, gives Bowling Green the whatfor. For beating up on a MAC team with a pretty boy Heisman QB, what do we give them? A top 3 ranking. Really? This guy is Brady Quinn without getting penetrated by Michigan.

West Virginia 55-Syracuse 14

At least I can still pick winners, its that pesky point spread getting in the way. Glad to see the effing Mountaineers can still hang half a hundred on horrible teams. College football needs that. Side note, however: Big East-still horrible.

Kansas 30-Kansas State 24
Mangino finds Wildcat delicious. When properly seasoned, it's not too gamy, and it goes well with a nice Caesar salad. Coach however enjoyed his Wildcat with a drum of wedding cake icing and a shopping cart full of pre-cooked meatballs in a light alfredo sauce. The Jayhawk celebrated in a much more disturbing fashion. Hooray for internets!

Illinois 31-Wisconsin 26
On [redacted]! On [redacted]! Confirmation that this is, in fact, Bizarro Year 2008! A team coached by [name redacted] is actually good? I place a late question mark on that, not unlike Ron Burgundy, because I have no freaking clue. That's the kind of year we're having here. I am so confused. Juice! That's a good one?

Tennessee 35-Georgia 14
Correcting the confusion behind my pick on this game. I obviously had no reason to pick Georgia, so I didn't intend to, and I wanted them to prove me wrong....yet I still picked them? Fallacy! Our editor will receive the riot act for his false dictation as soon as he recovers from whatever debilitating illness is currently overtaking his section of the office. We think it might be chlamydia.

Oklahoma 28-Texas 21
Good for you Texas, you pit up a fight. You still lost. I award you no points, and may no one have mercy on you. You are 4-2, 0-2 in conference, and I will personally punch anyone considering also giving you votes. Oklahoma is down, but not out, and I hope they return to their unstoppable ways, if only for discussion's sake.

Arizona State 23-Washington State 20
I have been fooled by Erickson once more, for he is a bold deceiver. Watch as he mystifies us all into thinking his team can take Southern Cal. I have full faith that he drugged the Trojans this weekend for this exact reason.

Virginia Tech 41-Clemson 23
With all apologies to the Brothers Mac, Clemson has run itself back in time to when they completely suck. Virginia Tech scored 41 points. That's like 4 ECUs.

Stanford 24-Southern Cal 23
"With all of the trash talking coming out of Palo Alto, you'd think Stanford was an actual football team." Wow. That was....unexpected. Way to go Cardinal! Everyone, please rise for the Stanford fight song(s):

To the tune of "The Victors":
3! Point one four one five, Nine! Two six five three five eight, Nine! Seven! Nine three two three, Stanford f-ing RULES!

For an official recording of "Stanford F-ing rules" please visit HouseRockBuilt.

To the tune of "Fight On":
Stanford! You f-ing trees!
You f-ing trees! You f-ind tress!
Stanford! You f-ing trees!
You f-ing trees! (In the forest!)
F-ing trees! (With googly eyes!)

Ohio State 23-Purdue 7
Panty-waist cupcake eaters, the Boilers are. Yes, Notre Dame, you are one of them cupcakes, and your coach finds you delicious. However, all of that sugar made Joe Tiller get all diabetes on everyone. Oatmeal for all as they slowly collapse into Big Ten also-rans, give or take a near miss with Illinois. At what point do we start saying Ohio State's backed into a 1/2 ranking?

Louisiana State 28-Florida 24
LSU still gets it done in Mordor. The fires of Hades, a brown liquor tinted furor that swallows all that is good in the still night whole, burns through a 14 point Gator lead, banishing Florida to the massive heap of talented two loss teams. Just for the record, Texas is in the bottom of said pile, and you don't want any part of that madness, Urban.

Cincinnati 28-Rutgers 23
We've all learned a valuable lesson from all of this Bearcat hysteria, and that is how to properly spell Cincinnati. Big East. WTF. I am so done with you this year, except for USF, because they rock. STOP MESSING IT UP, REST OF CONFERENCE! Put 'em up! \m/

Missouri 41-Nebraska 6
Speaking of done with you, let the rebuilding process begin again! I would start burning Callahan in effigy if I was anywhere near Lincoln, or if I had any unburned Callahan effigies still laying around the office. ITS THE BIG TWELVE NORTH! MAKE PLAYS!

Hawaii 52-Utah State 37
Ick, I forgot it was the WAC, and Hawaii. This is basically par for the course on the big island, they're like a good Texas Tech without the pirates, or last year's Louisville with an even weaker schedule.

Notre Dame 20-UCLA 6
The current method of celebration is as follows for the Irish supporting interns and colleagues. Firstly, Canadian flags for the rest of the season, as hopes for the International Bowl are reaching critical mass. Secondly, a moving tribute, a shrine really, to defensive coordinator Corwin "Boxy" Brown is to be commissioned and paid homage to. This is your season, Notre Dame, while the rest of the world screams "You're just a box," you scream "I'M JUST A WHAT, BITCH?!?"

Trev Alberts is a former legitimate journalist. He is not the Duke of New York.

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Updated: Thursday, October 04, 2007

His next trick is to make UCLA disappear.....



Week 6 Trevonics: DayQuil is Orange

We're back to rocking, loyal Trevians. We're rocking the jet lag, the DayQuil, the NyQuil, and I think there's some whooping cough make its way through the ranks. We are completely miserable, internet! On top of that, I've decided we need to do some unexpected management restructuring, so I've punched a hole through the wall of my corner office. Look! You can see the scoreboard from here!

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 41-52-1
Straight Up: 67-27

If I don't pick up this ATS business, I might punch a hole through that scoreboard....with my face!

Boston College (-20) over Bowling Green (1200et)
Boston College, this new and improved, and offensive (in more ways than one) Boston College must be a 3 score favorite over any MAC team if they want me to take this Top 10 business of there's seriously. Anything less is officially beneath them with a lofty ranking like that. I know about absolutely zero about these teams other than "white guy throw ball good."
Trev's pick: Boston College

Syracuse (+26.5) over West Virginia (1200et)

Oh, the effing have fallen! Look at that. Keep the orange mo rolling and get behind one of the sport's greater citrus inspired mascots. The Orange, nee OrangeMEN, have another one in them, while these shaken 'Neers are reeling. They showed me nothing of merit last week, but I'm not medicated enough to actually pick the upset. Split pick.
Trev's pick: Syracuse to cover, West Virginia to win

Kansas (+3) over Kansas State (1200et)
There are lots of things at play in this rivalry game. First, take the points in the rivalry game. Two, take the points in the rivalry game. Three, take the fat man in the rivalry game. While Ron Prince is a husky gentleman, his girth is nothing compared to awe-inspiring gravitas of the Mangino. I'm pretty sure the Jayhawk offense revolves around using the man's gravitational pull to hurl the ball to previously unseen depths. I blame Weis' recent slimming, slight slimming of course, for this tactic not working in South Bend.
Trev's pick: Kansas

Illinois (-2.5) over Wisconsin (1100et)
Get on the bus for the [Fighting Redacted]! Again, this feels like an obvious play on Wisconsin, but, honestly, I can't find any specific reason to choose them at this time. What have they really shown us this season? I love me some Badgers, but Sparty was able to move the ball rather well on them, and I think the Juice can do the same. The steady march to bowl eligibility, and a righteous defeat of preseason prejudice!
Trev's pick: Illinois

Tennessee (-1) over Georgia (330et)
Again, my uneducated dislike for this year's Georgia team rears its ugly head. Sure, they pulled one out in the heart of Alabama, but can they do it once more? Just another situation where the Dawgs feel like the obvious pick, but I don't have a good reason to actually think they'll win this. I can't explain it. Prove me wrong, kids, prove me wrong.
Trev's pick: Georgia

Oklahoma (-11) over Texas (330et)
The shine has certainly come off of this year's shootout, thanks to K-State and Colorado, but in my mind, is all that's really done is drop the points of Oklahoma. Think about it. If the Sooners squeak it out against Colorado, this spread is at least 14.5 in the face of Texas deciding to take this year off. Sure, there's the chance that the Longhorns decide to become an actual Texas football team in this game, but have we really seen any signs of that happening anytime soon? Lest we forget, this is an Oklahoma team that has shown some huge pointy teeth this season.
Trev's pick: Oklahoma

Arizona State (-9) over Washington State (400et)
Erickson, how you continue to taunt me, with your flashy smile and PAC-10 enigmosity. Of course, I'm going to take you over anonymous State. It's too soon for you to break my heart.
Trev's pick: Arizona State

Clemson (-5.5) over Virginia Tech (600et)
I really should be taking the points. However, I'm still hesitant to think that the Hokies have an actual offense. I understand the intricacies of no-offense BeamerBall, but even Georgia Tech needed some offense of their own to stop the Tigers. Also, maybe Spiller has run back in time to when the Tigers were amazing.
Trev's pick: Clemson

Southern Cal (-40) over Stanford (700et)
Jim Harbaugh has called down the thunder. Do not taunt the poodle, sir. With all of the trash talking coming out of Palo Alto, you'd think Stanford was an actual football team. No sir. Southern Cal is a real football team, and they will make you pay for your insolence. Oh? You're starting a green as hell QB? Excellent. You're carcass will make a fine feast at the upcoming Triumph.
Trev's pick: Southern Cal

Purdue (+7) over Ohio State (800et)
Get ready for it. Here's the part where the Boilers are exposed for the pantywaist cupcake eaters they are, but I'm taking them anyway just in case they pull it off. I'll look like a freaking genius. An oatmeal loving, mustache admiring genius, and you will all sing my praises to the beat of an overly large novelty drum!
Trev's pick: Purdue

Louisiana State (-8) over Florida (800et)
I just don't get it. HOW THE HELL DO THEY ALLOW LSU TO PLAY NIGHT GAMES?!? It's like a giant cauldron of evil down there. The festering hordes of dark followers, their fangs glistening in the light of the full moon, their chainsaws readied at the crotch, to stab the Gators with their steely knives in preparation of a macabre Cajun buffet. Hot Boudain. Cold Couscous. EVIL. Florida, you do not have an actual secondary. This will pose troublesome. Half of your plays Saturday night will involve running a white boy at Glenn Dorsey. This will prove fatal.
Trev's pick: Louisiana State

Rutgers (-3.5) over Cincinnati (800et)
Sure, this game is important for the Bearcats, but does anybody care? I'm not hating on Cincy per se, I'm just saying if you watch this game over the LSU-Florida game, you currently attend either school, or your son is starting. I'll simply put my fake money behind regression to the mean on this one, although I realize said regression involves Rutgers being good.
Trev's pick: Rutgers

Nebraska (+7) over Missouri (915et)
I've said all I can say at this point. I'm taking free points. If this does not work, Callahan gets cut. For reals this time.
Trev's pick: Nebraska

Hawaii (-39) over Utah State (1205et)
Finally, sometime early Sunday morning, Hawaii gets to bomb the crap out of Utah State. Beer still delicious. Football=Popular.
Trev's pick: Hawaii

Notre Dame (+22) over UCLA (800et)
I'm not going to go too in depth here. The kid's had a hell of a week as it is, and all he really wants to see is his Irish cover. Well, he'd like to see them play a bowl game in Canada, and who am I to crush that dream? It's a freaking awesome idea if they let me leave the country. Anyway, I can't possibly think of any reason to favor UCLA by 3+ scores, so I have to go with the Irish here....as if you didn't already know.
Trev's pick: Notre Dame

Trev Alberts is a current CSTV football analyst. He freaking loves orange.

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Updated: Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Trip Pictures: Go Foodball

A few more pictures from the trip to Tampa:

College Football and beer. There should be a mascot of this nature at every game, if only walking around the parking lots.

Pirate ships, however, are too awesome to be mass produced. This one was brutal, but access was definitely limited. It's a good thing too, because most in attendance would have torched it with homemade pyro when they sacked the model pirate shantytown.

Most of you know this man as Orson Swindle, proprietor of EDSBS, but to the University of Florida, most importantly Ben Hill-Griffin Stadium, he is Juan Carlos Sanchez, 28 year old graduate student....from 1994.
Immediately after this picture was taken, Brian trucked Swindle right good in a game of pickup football.

No hard feelings though. At the end of an extremely long and arduous bender in the heart of Florida, Orson made it rain at Sonic. Toaster Sandwiches are illegal in 25 states. This is why Sonics are still confined primarily to the South.


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Updated: Monday, October 01, 2007

USF/Florida Photo Post the First

A few photos from the whirlwind tour of Florida.

We like to think that the USF fans had the right idea going into this game.

Of course, I had to take care of some business of my own on the way into Raymond James Stadium.

At least for one glorious weekend, this was very very true. Grothe is a slinger.

We did manage to take in the ND-Purdue game, taunted by a monkey at a local tavern. His evil stare becoming more vexing with each ridiculously sized college shot.

We managed to sneak into the UF student section once we got our ID applications signed.

Soon after this picture was taken, tens of thousands of Florida fans turned that stadium into the gates of Hell.

Brian of HouseRockBuilt does his best Urban Meyer headset scream. (click to animate)

More photos as soon as I can get them posted. Spoiler alert: In the next set, Orson Swindle makes it rain at Sonic.



Week 6 Blogpoll: Carnage

How has it come to this? An hour of wolves and shattered shields for the top 25. As the dust settled, we all realized that we were in the midst of Football-geddon. Let's just sit back and watch the rubble burn.

  1. LSU
  2. Southern Cal
  3. California
  4. Ohio State
  5. Wisconsin
  6. South Florida
  7. Kentucky
  8. South Carolina
  9. Boston College
  10. Oklahoma
  11. Florida
  12. Georgia
  13. Oregon
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. Hawaii
  16. West Virginia
  17. Missouri
  18. Arizona State
  19. Kansas State
  20. Texas
  21. Rutgers
  22. Cincinnati
  23. Purdue
  24. Clemson
  25. Nebraska
The breakdown:

The top 5: LSU, USC, California, Ohio State, Wisconsin-

LSU and USC keep their death grip on 1 and 2, now more than ever. Cal jumps to the top of the rest by default and on resume, lining up the PAC-10 semifinal for the national title. Ohio State and Wisconsin are here because no one else has any kind of pedigree, at least not anymore, and the Bucks could probably take the Badgers in a fight.

The next 5: USF, Kentucky, South Carolina, Boston College, Oklahoma-
Ok, here's the part where it start to gets messed up, really really really ridiculously messed up. Even Oklahoma was out of place here last week. Now, look at them, playing second fiddle to the rest of this lot. I know the records speak for themselves, but USF, WVU, and BC? COME ON. I guess this is really good for college football, but seriously? OU is probably under ranked now, but thems the breaks when you lose to Dan Hawkins' kid.

The middle 10: Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Hawaii, West Virginia, Missouri, Arizona State, Kansas State, Texas-
Now the rest of the field recovers from the carnage. The middle 10 is home to the smoldering embers of many a national title dream. K-State enters the poll a bit high, maybe even Auburn should be up here, but they are officially better than Texas. The remainders move up into the mid-poll vacuum and we'll see where they shake out in the end. West Virginia, Florida, and Virginia Tech basically line up where I think they lose to teams above them and take everyone else.

The last 5: Rutgers, Cincinnati, Purdue, Clemson, Nebraska-
More punishment for my beloved Huskers. Even in the collapse of the poll above them, I give them no merit to step up a level. Maybe hold on to the ball, and we'll talk. Rutgers needs to bounce back from their run in with the Fridge, and we'll see what kind of team they want to be. Are they Rutgers or are they Louisville? Or are they Cincinnati? And what the hell with these Bearcats? Purdue is putting together a nice season, and in the Big Ten this year, it may be enough to make some waves.

The mysterious remains:
Auburn, Florida State, Illinois-

When you have a logjam at the top, and they all lose, you start to have a logjam at the bottom. If it wasn't for those pesky newbs like Kentucky, these guys are putting up the numbers to be more than just also receiving votes. Auburn grabs a signature win and is back to being a war damn eagle. Florida State overcomes the Dark Lord, and the fighting redacted take down JoePa. Keep an eye out for all of them...especially YOU Callahan!

Trev Alberts is not a recognized Blogpoller. He once ate the silver filings in his Etch-a-Sketch.

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Trip Pictures: Buffering.......

It's going to take a while for all of these pictures to get uploaded...a lot of time. It has something to do with our media resources, and the interwebs as a whole. Of course, Trev and Bloo playing marathon sessions of Halo 3 and spilling grape soda on my computer aren't helping one bit.

Swindle may have posted the picture first, but it still came from the Trev Mobile 1.

Other highlights to come, including:
  • Pirates
  • Couches
  • Road tripping
  • Da Bearss
  • The Swamp
  • Drinking with Monkeys
  • Truck sticks
  • Eagles
  • Eagles
  • War Damn Eagles
  • More Pirates
  • and Foodball
Put up the horns for USF, this could take a while. Put 'em up! \m/


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